India International Agro Trade and Technology Fair 2019

5 – 8 November 2019 | IARI Pusa Campus | New Delhi

AgroWorld: The Gateway to Global Market and Agribusiness

In a bid to introduce contemporary agriculture –agri and allied sectors with their best practices, technologies, processing and marketing that can inevitably help countless farmers and platform owners, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with the support of the Government of India and several States and in technical collaborations with a large number of industry th th associations and international bodies, is fully geared up to floor AgroWorld 2019 from November 5 to 8 , 2019 at the sprawling campus of Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi. Additionally, this insightful global knowledge and trade event will encompass industry-oriented topics, opportunities for startups, international participation and much more.

Meanwhile, the agro food industry experts, agri-specialists and government officials from all across the world, will share their prized insights on available technologies, trade and business models and modern innovations. These distinguished individuals will be ready to interact with our entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists. Indian industry and businesses, institutions, Central Ministries and the State Governments will have the showcasing opportunities of their products and technologies, programs and services, potential and achievements before the national and global stake-holders to explore possibilities of investments, technical cooperation, trade, business, marketing and partnerships opportunities.

Along with its partners, ICFA is passionately promoting AgroWorld 2019 across India and the world that incorporates major sectors and key stakeholders in food, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aqua and allied sectors. ICFA invites you to avail this wonderful opportunity to take a proactive part as a zealous exhibitor or sponsor during the forthcoming exciting event – AgroWorld 2019, and showcase the products, technologies, programs and services to a colossal target audience in a single, pulsating platform for three consecutive days

Major Events
Trade Visitors

AgroWorld 2019 invites target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors' conditions. The officials, industry, institutions, producers, traders, importers, investors, dealers, farmers and other professional organizations.


Governments and chambers of different countries through country pavilions, international enterprises, Indian food and agriculture industry, central ministries, technology institutions, agribusinesses and State Governments, export and trade companies and agri-food start-ups, agro and farm services etc.

  • To provide unique opportunity for interaction amongst key stakeholders namely government officials, experts, industry CEOs, agribusiness professionals, traders, farmers, entrepreneurs, developmental agencies and institutions to explore investments, technologies, marketing and collaborations among themselves.
  • To provide platform to the states, institutions, officials, experts, industries and international bodies to showcase scope and opportunities, latest products, advanced technologies, food and agribusiness models, logistics, post-harvest management, global best practices and to connect with farmers and agri startups.
  • To facilitate global companies for exploring opportunities for business and investments, technical and marketing collaborations, exports and partnerships and signing of MoUs towards finding business partners, expanding business, increased value addition, trade and agribusinesses.
  • To provide exposure, enrich knowledge and generate policy inputs through the technical seminars, international conferences, business dialogues and interactions among the Indian and Foreign visitors, exhibitors, experts, farmers, entrepreneurs, industries and business CEOs towards doubling farmers’ income.
Reap the Rewards of Exhibiting
Global Visibility | Great Branding | Marketing | Business Opportunities | Collaborations and Partnerships
  • With the increase in demand, more and more international players are attracted to the Indian market that offers enormous opportunities.
  • Find engaging audience and key persons of Indian and global food and agriculture sectors to explore possibilities of business, investments and collaborations.
  • The Fair boasts to understand exhibitor's needs and deliver right buyer, collaborator and investor to serve the purpose of participation.
  • India offers great learning opportunity in agriculture. The national and global display of products, technologies and services can help you discover how to be more productive.
  • AgroWorld 2019 provides a great opportunity to network. Better innovations and models from other regions and the world can become valuable resources for referrals and best-practices.
  • AgroWorld 2019 is a place where you can learn more about the current national and global business climate. Discovering innovative products and services for your business to stay competitive in today's dynamic business world.
  • With large number of print and digital media partners and social media initiatives, it offers great exposure and widespread publicity.
Highlights of AgroWorld 2019
  • Sprawling exhibition venue at IARI
  • World class infrastructure
  • 20 sectors with specialized Pavilions
  • National and global participation
  • Top Government and policy makers visits
  • B2B Meetings and business facilitation
  • World AgTech Congress
  • AgTech Startups Meet
  • India Agribusiness Awards 2019
  • Global CEOs Awards 2019
Scope of Exhibits

    Breeds, feeds, meat products, poultry products, dairy products, fishery products, seafood, animal feed and health products etc..


    Farm machinery, micro irrigation agroprocessing, ICT, e - commerce, cloud computing, big data , IT solutions , agro technologies farmers services etc.


    Warehousing, Cold Storages, Logistics, Energy, Financing and Insurance Solutions,Wholesalers Retailers, E-Market, Import & Export


    Grains, cash crops, fruits &vegetables, seeds, edible oil, rice, pulses, spices, dried fruits & nuts, flowers etc..


    Agrochemicals, fertilizer, seeds, PGRs, bio - products, bio-stimulants, credit, insurance etc.


    Conventional foods, Instant foods, snacks, healthy foods, frozen foods, sea foods, canned foods, baby foods, RTE food, fruit juices, wines etc..

  • 1 International delegations of officials, industry and experts
  • 2 Top Government officials from the States and Central Government
  • 3 Food and agribusiness professionals and CEOs
  • 4 National and global food and agriculture experts
  • 5 Farmers, extension and development professionals
  • 6 Embassies, CGIAR institutions and international agencies
  • 7 Technology, financial, rural and developmental institutions
India: Food and Agriculture Powerhouse of the World

The anatomy of global food and agriculture has undergone a complete metamorphosis in recent decades. According to the World Fact Book of the CIA2015, the global agricultural output was $ 4,771 billion and 42 percent of this output comes from just six countries, five of them being developing ones. While China leads, India ($ 367 billion) is second largest, US is third ($ 279 billion), followed by Brazil ($ 130 billion), Nigeria ($ 122 billion) and Indonesia ($ 121 billion).In fact, China and India alone account for about 30 percent of the total. The world's population will be about 10 billion by 2050. Food supplies need to increase by 60 percent of the current, as mentioned in 'World Agriculture Towards 2030/2050'.

India's domestic demand for food is expected to go up considerably with increasing population. Indian agriculture needs advanced farming systems, agri services, planting material, farm machinery, agro-processing equipment, crop care and soil health products, dairy, poultry and fishery technologies, infrastructure, value chain models, agri and food businesses and substantial participation in global food and agro trade. As India’s institutions are providing global expertise and cooperation, it has become the gateway to almost two dozen Asian countries and whole African continent. Though 8% of world’s food is grown here, the share in global trade remains dismal at 2%.

2nd World Agriculture Prize

Progressive Farmers Conventions

The World Agriculture prize recognizes the individuals and prize institutions with exceptionally significant and globally impacting achievements in the field of agriculture, including but not limited to: breeding, food production, plant and animal science; food science and technology; nutrition; rural development; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; bio based products, social organization and poverty elimination; finance, investments or budgetary allocations; policy, industry and agribusiness, programs or economic interventions; and public advocacy. The World Agriculture Prize is a single prize of $100,000 and the next prize will be presented on Nov 5, 2019 in New Delhi, preceded by a special session, named “Swaminathan Global Dialogue on Climate Change and Food Security”, as part of the World Agriculture Summit and AgroWorld 2019 in New Delhi. The special session on Climate change and food security has been incepted with a thought to invite the laureates of food and agriculture world to participate in the World Agriculture Prize event and deliberate on this burning issue to come out with a blue print for climate resilient agriculture in a sustainable manner to safeguard the interests of our future generations.

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AgTech World 2019

Agri Startups Convention

Innovations | Technologies | Ideas | Businesses

AgTech refers to the new wave of advanced technologies in agriculture and farming, to boost efficiency and profitability. The goal is to refine farming by the means of crop monitoring, informatics, information integration, data analysis and use of optics and artificial intelligence etc. to enhance agriculture production and marketing efficiencies, management systems, nutritional value and food quality, and farming profitability. And also using technologies to reduce wastage, upgrade the supply chain, facilitate easy accessibility of inputs and machinery and boosting connectivity of farmers with the consumers.

With the global population expected to grow from current 7.7 billion to 9.6 billion people in 2050 and with an anticipated 30% increase in the calorie input per person in the developed world, we are faced with an increasing demand for food. Indian agriculture, which characterizes similarities with other Asian and African countries to a large extent, is more often than not characterized by distressed farmers, archaic practices and fragmented land holdings, need technology boost for it to perform to its potential.

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